Become a Financial Adviser

Become a Financial Adviser

DiPFA Courses – Diploma for Financial Advisers 

DiPFA – The Diploma for Financial Advisers is an FCA regulatory qualification that will allow qualified advisers to give advice in financial planning from personal protection through to estate planning. Clarity FT is an LIBF accredited training provider that offers short courses (fast track) that work around you, which means that you can study while you continue to work. If you need to achieve an FCA recognised qualification to get that new career in Financial Advising select one of our courses. We offer Class based, Real Time (online) Webinars and Blended/distance learning (self-paced). We come highly recommended by all ours students and excel in what we do best, by simplifying complex information to help you achieve exam success.  We are so confident that you will pass that we offer a pass guarantee.

DiPFA – How to become a Financial Adviser

To become a financial adviser candidates must pass a professional qualification such as DiPFA®. DiPFA® (The Diploma for Financial Advisers) is the benchmark professional qualification for any candidate who wants to provide financial advice in the UK. Financial advice is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which requires all advisers to attain the relevant qualification before they can do so. DiPFA® is a London Institute of Banking and Finance Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) Level 4 qualification and is listed as an appropriate qualification recognised by the FCA. To become a financial adviser it requires certain skills including: Understanding regulation, communication, technical and research skills and the ability to apply that knowledge.


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Skills and role of a Financial adviser

A financial adviser must use their skills and expertise to establish client affordability, suitability and risk profile based on the information provided by the client. An adviser will offer holistic advice providing solutions to help clients achieve their objectives based on their needs and circumstances that may change as their clients move through the different life stages. A Financial adviser will recommend the most appropriate advice and products from protection, through to investments and retirement solutions as well as estate planning. Advisers can also choose to concentrate on wealth management and estate planning, enabling them to manage their clients portfolios on an ongoing basis. Advisers can work as either an employed adviser and get paid a salary or as self-employed where they can charge a fee paid by the customer.

Advisers role:

  • Meeting with clients to discuss their current circumstances to establish affordability, suitability and their attitude to risk.
  • Select the most appropriate solutions and products from the vast range available to fulfill the clients needs and help them to achieve their objectives.
  • Explain complex financial information simplistically to clients.
  • Explain the features, benefits and risks of the products recommended.

Adviser skills:

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Numerate and articulate.
  • Have a lateral mind to combine solutions.
  • Honest, trustworthy and ethical.
  • Sociable and friendly.
  • Hardworking and diligent in order to keep their knowledge up to date.
  • Organised – Advisers must be organised in order to maintain adequate records in order to remain FCA compliant.

The Diploma for Financial Advisers (DipFA®) is a professional qualification for any candidate who wants to work as a Financial adviser. UK financial services are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). DipFA® is a London Institute of Banking and Finance RQF Level 4 qualification and is recognised by the Financial Skills Partnership.

Clarity FT is an accredited LIBF Diploma for Financial Advisers (DiPFA) training provider.


DiPFA – Diploma for Financial Advisers Training Course Information

The Diploma for Financial Advisers (DipFA) is an FCA-approved QCF Level 4 qualification; it is one of the benchmark qualifications that meet the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) requirements. RDR came into effect on 31st December 2012 and applies to all advisers in the retail investment market, regardless of the type of firm they work for. RDR was designed to raise Professional standards and to increase consumer confidence in the retail investment market. Whether independent or restricted, advisers are required to demonstrate a higher level of knowledge and skills. The qualification structure will ensure that advisers achieve a greater level of professionalism, with higher level qualifications, enhanced standards of Continued Professional Development (CPD) and adhering to ethical standards.

On completion of the DiPFA qualification, qualified professionals can go on to work in financial services as a financial adviser, giving advice on personal protection, investments and retirement planning. This qualification only takes 9 months to complete, offering a direct route into the finance industry. DipFA is a professional qualification (level 4), but without the hefty course fee attached and the long term study commitment to achieve it. Our DiPFA Training Courses are designed to work around you, meaning you can become qualified even as you work.

The DiPFA qualification comprises of 3 modules. The first module covers UK regulation assessed by one 2 hour multiple choice exam undertaken at a Pearson Vue test centre, these are located all over the UK.  The LIBF have now rolled out the ability to sit the professional exams via remote proctoring,  this enables students to sit the exams from the comfort and safety of their own homes.  The Advanced financial advice is covered by a 4000 word dissertation and a 3 hour final exam. To achieve your DiPFA® qualification candidates will need to register with the London Institute of Banking and Finance for the DiPFA®. The registration includes all exam fees and the awarding of the qualification on successful completion of all 3 modules. The current LIBF exam fee is £990.00 and is payable directly to them.

DiPFA® is split into 3 modules:

  • Module 1: FSRE® (Skill: Understanding Regulation) (Exam: One 2 hour exam with 90 stand alone questions and 2 case studies with 5 questions each. 70% pass mark required)
    • FSRE® (Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics)
  • Overview: FSRE® is the regulatory foundation module required for any professional qualification. The module helps candidates understand how financial markets and products work. It also covers how firms and individuals are authorised and regulated in the UK.
  • For the AFA sections (module 2 and 3) of the DiPFA® there are quarterly registrations.
    • December Registration – Final exam in July
    • March Registration – Final exam in October
    • June Registration – Final exam in January
    • September Registration – Final exam April/May
  • AFA Module 2: Coursework (Skills: Communication, technical and research skills) (4000 word dissertation, plus 4 short questions). Assessed: 4 months to complete – Submitted electronically. 50% pass mark required.
  • Overview: DiPFA® module 2 covers all the relevant technical areas required to deliver financial advice. Students are expected to submit a 4000 word dissertation after 4 months, where they must research and understand technically the topic area given. Communication is tested by the student’s ability to communicate the piece to the selected target group.
  • AFA Module 3: Fact find exam (Exam: One 3 hour exam. 50% pass mark required).
  • Overview: The final module looks at applying the knowledge gained in the previous units and testing the ability to formulate the knowledge via a suitability report (apply the knowledge). This is based on a case study provided as a fact find given 6 weeks before. Students must formulate their recommendations via a report within the time frame.

Clarity FT is an accredited LIBF Diploma for Financial Advisers (DiPFA) training provider.

Clarity Course

DiPFA Training Course – How Clarity FT run our courses

At Clarity Financial Training Ltd we offer a variety of DiPFA short training courses that work around you, which means that you can study while you continue to work. We have various study options including our most popular 9 day fast track course (split over 3 sessions). This can be completed in our Potters Bar training centre or fully online delivered via Cisco WebEx. No other training provider gives you the technical ability to fully understand the depth of knowledge required to pass your DipFA® qualification with confidence. At Clarity FT we cover all the areas essential for delivering holistic advice. Whether you have existing experience or are new to the industry our workshops are aimed at covering each syllabus to help understand and gain the relevant exam technique to pass the qualification with ease. We have various study options available to assist you to tackle the exams and pass.

The Diploma comes in 3 parts and all must be completed, read the following to see if it is for you. Click on the following:

Included in our courses are:

  • Presentation power point booklet (slide format in Hardcopy) and tutor led presentation
  • Daily test questions and/or appropriate handouts (Hardcopy)
  • Mock exams (if the exam is multiple choice based) (Hardcopy and online)
  • Tailored materials specific to the pre-released coursework and fact-find (Hardcopy)
  • Full aftercare support offered by e-mail direct to your tutor
  • Light refreshments, including microwave for general use (Class based)
  • Free parking for all students (Class based)
  • Real time webinars (live sessions that are fully interactive) delivered via Cisco webex sent by a secure link
  • Pass guarantee (you are with us until you pass)

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Clarity FT is an accredited LIBF Diploma for Financial Advisers (DiPFA) training provider.

Study Options

DiPFA – Diploma for Financial Advisers

DiPFA Training Courses – Study Options

Clarity FT offer a variety of DiPFA training courses. They are short courses that work around you, including Classroom, Online and Blended/distance learning courses. We come Highly Recommended.

DiPFA Classroom based

Clarity FT offers DiPFA® fast track courses delivered over 9 days (9.30am to 5pm). The following elements are split into the following number of days:

  • FSRE® (5 days)
  • AFA Coursework (2 days)
  • AFA Fact find (5 days)

Our class based courses are delivered by industry professionals, with material, mocks and aftercare support offered, these are delivered at our Potters Bar training centre (find us here), with modern facilities and conveniently located for public transport or car travel. We have a pass guarantee that means students are with us until they pass. If they do not pass first time students can return free of charge until they have succeeded. Clarity FT can offer tutor led sessions in-house if required, however minimum numbers are required. Our Coursework and fact find courses are all tailor made and designed to reflect the exact elements students are covering.

DiPFA Real Time Online (Webinar) based

Clarity FT offers web based real time training delivered by Cisco WebEx. The sessions run similar to the class based course in time frame, however students access the class remotely via a computer. These sessions offer the ability for students to receive a full tutor led session, without the need to travel.

DiPFA Blended/distance learning

Clarity FT offers professionally created material, assessments and mocks that students work through at their own pace. The time frame is 3 months. As students work through the material we offer telephone and email support, with the blended session provided via a 2 hour webinar scheduled once a month.

DiPFA One-to-one

Clarity FT offers one hour 1-2-1 sessions held at our Potters Bar training centre. This is aimed at students that require personal attention to certain elements within the syllabus. Multiple sessions would be required dependent on the range of material to be covered.


If you are interested in becoming a financial adviser contact us. 

Clarity FT is an accredited LIBF Diploma for Financial Advisers (DiPFA) training provider.

We wish you all the success in your future career.


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